Roundtrip’s Five Considerations for Choosing the Best Solution

Megan McGinley
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There is no shortage of transportation options in the market. Technology can unify options into a single solution, and there are five main considerations for the evaluation process.

  1. Budget
    • How much is the organization willing to spend to address the problem? This question is important for both the technology costs and the costs of rides. Make sure to evaluate the software’s ability to accept multiple payer types and allocate ride costs to different facility cost centers or grant programs easily. If obtaining trip authorizations is a burdensome process today, there are technology partners who take on that process, saving additional time for staff members.
  2. Compliance
    • What requirements must be met to be compliant with legal and security protocols? It takes a knowledgeable partner to navigate insurance requirements, background checks, and data security.
  3. Technology Integration
    • Should the transportation solution be integrated with existing systems or tools? It’s important to assess the potential workflow impact to decide on the best solution for transportation. An EHR integration can dramatically increase staff satisfaction and reduce the amount of time spent on booking rides. Computer-aided dispatch integrations should be included within scope when an organization wants accurate timeliness metrics or to enhance dispatch operations for their transport vendors.
  4. Rider Support
    • Do rides happen 24/7? A support center to help monitor rides may be essential. Healthcare works best when providing a human touch to a technology solution.
  5. Reporting
    • How important is it to gain strategic insight from the software? Transparency through real-time, unbiased data is a game-changer when it comes to holding transportation vendors accountable. Make sure the software can help analyze delays in transportation and vendor performance. Patient feedback and transportation company timeliness metrics are also available through some ride ordering solutions.

We understand that building a transportation program is a comprehensive process, which is why we created the Transportation Blueprint. Download here!