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Coordinating rides for patients in need will help us reduce missed appointments and cancellations, improve the patient experience, and prevent unnecessary disruptions in patient care. It will also give us real-time data and analytics to further understand the needs of the population we serve.



Improve continuity of care

Allow SNFs, other receiving facilities, and specialists to access transportation updates online. Make sure your patients get where you need them to go. Pull reports on transport providers, types of rides, ride costs, and more.

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A proactive approach

Get to know your “frequent flyers,” those who are consistently canceling appointments. Understand how much time and money is being spent on these high utilizers, set goals, benchmark progress and use real-time transportation metrics to evaluate initiatives. Leverage this data to make predictions on those most at-risk and anticipate change, before it occurs.

Care for the whole person

Transportation is a barrier to care, but also a barrier to activities of daily living. Leverage a solution that can provide more than just medical transportation. Healthy living means access to fresh air, parks and recreation, social events and community living, and positive work and living environments. We are here to support the best health and well-being for everyone. Get to the grocery store, DMV, pharmacy and more.

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