Inside our digital transportation solution

We provide health plan professionals – including care coordinators, social workers, service center agents, and case managers – with online and mobile tools that make ordering member rides simple. 

Through our digital transportation community, we connect members with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) such as rideshare (Lyft/Uber), medical sedans, wheelchair vans, and stretcher vehicles exactly when and where they need it.

Built For Healthcare

Partner with Roundtrip to increase access to care with the most reliable NEMT network, and design a transportation benefit program specific to your members’ needs.

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How it works

Every day, 10,000 patients miss or delay care due to a transportation barrier.
Learn more about how we are removing this barrier to care.

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    Member needs a ride

    Using our simple ride booking platform, a case manager, service center agent, or a member can book a ride. Rides can be booked on-demand or scheduled weeks or months in advance.

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    We match members with the right rides

    A ride request goes out to our Roundtrip Community and a best-in-class transportation provider from our credentialed network can view the ride, offer an ETA, and claim the trip. Once the ride is scheduled, we send reminders via text or call letting the member know the ride status.

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    Organization leaders receive insight

    Leaders in the organization have access to real-time powerful data across the entire transportation sequence. This helps plans understand more about member transportation needs and how it improves HEDIS measures.

How we're different


Drive better health outcomes

Roundtrip is proven to help reduce member appointment no-shows, increase follow-up visits, and prevent unnecessary re-admissions.


Manage transportation benefits

Gain powerful management tools to set booking limits for number of trips or dollar amount, control cost, and monitor member benefit utilization.

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Centralize booking transportation

All levels of transportation in one place. Book any vehicle: Rideshare (Lyft / Uber), medical sedan, wheelchair, or ambulance.

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Optimize member experience

Members will receive ride reminders and ride status notifications for seamless coordination. With our unique offerings, we receive the best ratings from riders.

We help plans design their transportation benefit to improve health outcomes and the member experience.