Streamline transportation for better patient care

Roundtrip recognizes that health systems face a variety of challenges when it comes to arranging transportation for patients. Staff spend too much time on the phone with transportation and insurance providers booking and authorizing rides. Roundtrip's software streamlines this process, resulting in greater efficiency and patient satisfaction. With exceptional features and integrations, as well as a vast network of transportation providers, Roundtrip is a no-brainer for health systems looking to improve their transportation workflow.  

Built For Healthcare

Roundtrip is an easy-to-use ride booking platform for transportation requesters in the healthcare setting. We make it simple and fast for clinical staff to organize transportation on behalf of patients who need a ride to or from their point of care.

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Book rides in under three minutes

With a single, intuitive interface, ride requesters can easily book any type of ride for a patient. Here’s how it works: 

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    Patient needs a ride

    Using our simple ride booking platform, a care coordinator can book as many rides as a patient needs. Rides can be booked on-demand or scheduled weeks or months in advance.

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    Match patient with the right ride type

    Effortlessly match the patient with the appropriate form of transportation based on their clinical needs, including rideshare, medical sedan, wheelchair vans, stretcher vans, and ambulances. 

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    Access in-depth reports and metrics

    Organizational leaders have access to real-time and historic data across the entire transportation sequence, providing valuable insights for improved efficiency.

Discover the power of Roundtrip


Drive better health outcomes

Roundtrip is proven to help reduce patient no-shows, increase follow-up visit adherence, and prevent unnecessary re-admissions.


Improve operational efficiencies

Enable staff to operate at the top of their licenses, avoid delays in the discharge process, and improve patient throughput.

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Centralize booking transportation

All levels of transportation in one place. Book any vehicle: Rideshare (Lyft / Uber), medical sedan, wheelchair, or ambulance.

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Integrate seamlessly

Roundtrip can integrate with EHR systems, transportation CAD systems, and other clinical systems to seamlessly fit within your current workflows.

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Save money

Prevent overordering higher and more expensive levels of transportation. Roundtrip helps users navigate all payer types and can obtain prior authorizations so staff can avoid calling a broker.  

It's time to optimize your patient transportation workflow.