The Benefit of Roundtrip’s EHR Integration

Zack Worsham
EHR Integration

Healthcare was and continues to be, a lagging industry when it comes to the adoption of technology. Electronic health record systems (EHRs), also known as electronic medical records (EMRs), were first developed in the 1960s. Despite this, significant adoption did not occur until the HITECH Act in 2009. A recent study shows that physicians now spend about 16 minutes of every patient visit entering data or referencing data in their EHR.

As health records switched from paper to digital, there has also been an influx of specialty auxiliary solutions, like Roundtrip. These solutions can help solve several different health system challenges by leveraging the foundational patient data that lives in the EHR system of record.

Through our research in developing Roundtrip, we found that EHRs don’t have a native application for coordinating non-emergency medical transportation, nor do they have expertise in the medical transportation industry. This gap in the EHR’s capabilities meant that nurses, case managers, and social workers were spending hours calling and faxing transportation companies to arrange rides for their patients. By identifying this bottleneck, our goal became clear. Roundtrip would improve the user experience and provide a seamless way for care coordinators to book rides within the EHR.

Roundtrip is fully accessible in the EHR, allowing the user to book a ride for a patient in 90 seconds without leaving the patient’s profile page.

By integrating Roundtrip directly into the EHR, we ensure data accuracy and get Roundtrip up and running quickly.

And the icing on the cake? The user doesn’t need to remember another username and password to access Roundtrip. Once logged into their EHR, a user can access Roundtrip without logging in again. Roundtrip’s federated identity management features single sign-on capabilities – which authenticate the user and drop them right into the Roundtrip application. Roundtrip’s EHR integration capability is specifically crafted for care coordinators to operate at the “top of their license”. It offers unparalleled data transparency while also improving patient flow and streamlining operations.

Here’s how Roundtrip’s EHR integration can help with discharging a patient:

The care team is transporting a patient from the hospital to a rehab facility

  • Integrated, voiceless ordering the ride is ordered by clicking a button in the EHR
  • All vehicle types – access everything from rideshare to ALS/BLS ambulances
  • Pre-filled patient info – With the patient address and demographics housed in the EHR, you can book a ride in about 90 seconds
  • Ride status the patient and care team get real-time notifications via text or phone
  • Bi-directional data – store ride history data in the patient’s digital file

Roundtrip revolutionized the clunky, cumbersome, and costly medical transportation industry that existed before. We provide a comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant platform to schedule and monitor non-emergent medical transportation. This allows any health system to book or schedule NEMT from various types of settings within their healthcare workflow. Our platform functions as a marketplace for hundreds of non-emergent medical transportation companies directly in the area that serves the health system.