Providing a centralized transportation solution for SKCC

Our digital marketplace has helped streamline transportation for the cancer center, delivering an impressive no-show rate and ROI. With these results, SKCC has planned future expansion with Roundtrip.

“We have really appreciated the service and ease of being able to book rides”

  • Return on investment: $310 earned for every $1 spent on transportation
  • No-show rate performing at 3.3%
  • Expansion of Roundtrip planned at SKCC’s locations in Abington, New Jersey, and Northeast Philadelphia


For nearly 25 years, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Jefferson Health, known as SKCC, has been a leader in oncology research, patient treatment, and cancer education, caring for 9,000+ new patients annually. As one of only 71 centers in the nation recognized by the National Cancer Institute, Jefferson Health brings the highest-quality care to a catchment area spanning over two-thirds of all Philadelphians. 

Jefferson Health is a world-renowned health system serving the greater Philadelphia metro area. According to U.S. News & World Report‘s annual listing of the best hospitals and specialties, Jefferson is among the best in Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia metro areaWith 908 licensed acute care beds and major programs across a wide array of clinical specialties, Jefferson strives to provide an unparalleled value in care for those in its given service area. Embracing bold, people-centered values, Jefferson is positioned as a trusted partner in care for their patients. 



Access to transportation is especially challenging for individuals traveling far distances for treatments that require repeat visits, and SKCC identified transportation as a significant barrier for patients needing cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiationSKCC also noticed that these barriers are more likely to be experienced by the elderly, racial and ethnic minorities, and patients with lower socioeconomic statusBased in Philadelphia, SKCC is responsible for serving a diverse population likely to experience a transportation barrier: 42% African American, 13% Hispanic or Latino, and almost 7% non-Hispanic Asian. Many patients in Philadelphia experience financial toxicity stemming from treatment-related costs where the annual patient household income is $16,500.  

As a result, SKCC knew that they needed to find a solution to provide transportation assistance for their patients in need of it, but this led the cancer center in multiple directions. Prior to Roundtrip, SKCC was using a number of different solutions to coordinate rides and operating without a streamlined solution for transportation. This approach proved to be expensive and time-consuming, leaving SKCC patient navigators with multiple systems to relay information to patients and other team members while coordinating rides. 



Now that care coordinators can simply arrange transportation through Roundtrip, they are no longer held back booking rides across various platforms. Today, Roundtrip is the centralized ride-ordering platform within SKCC, providing greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness at their Center City and South Philadelphia locationsWith Roundtrip, care coordinators can voicelessly schedule any type of ride through an on-demand transportation network, automatically logging the ride details in one digital platform, while improving continuity of care for at-risk populations. Jefferson’s no-show rate is performing at 3.3% while maintaining an outstanding ROI. 

When asked about the impact Roundtrip has had on SKCC, Social Work Supervisor, Becky Cammy says, “We started working with Roundtrip in 2018, and we have really appreciated the service and ease of being able to book rides. My staff has been able to more efficiently get patients rides to and from their appointments, and Roundtrip has really been able to help with reducing our no-show rate. This is especially true in radiation oncology where patients are coming in sometimes for 30 days, Monday through Friday for treatment. That can be really wearing on people and not having a caregiver who can be able to take them every day and take off of work, so the benefit of that in terms of our reimbursement as well, making sure that our patients are here and here on time without altering the schedule of patients for the day is really beneficial to our staff as well.” 

Most impressively, for every dollar spent on transportation SKCC got a return of $310 using Roundtrip for transporting patients to Infusion and Radiation appointmentsThe investment in Roundtrip has had a significantly positive impact on net patient service revenue for SKCC. With such promising results, SKCC plans to expand with Roundtrip at its locations in Abington, New Jersey, and Northeast Philadelphia. 

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