How St. Luke’s University Health Network Achieved $1M in Cost Savings Through Roundtrip

Optimizing Patient Transportation: A Summary of Roundtrip's Partnership with St. Luke's University Health Network

  • 86% reduction in communication center call volume equating to $294K in savings
  • 25% improvement in patient throughput
  • 58% reduction transportation ETA deviation
  • $720K annual cost savings through reduced overnight stays
  • 67% reduction in overnight stays caused by transportation delays
  • 16 point increase in staff satisfaction around work/life balance

Executive Summary

This technical case study breaks down the challenges faced by St. Luke’s University Health Network concerning patient transportation scheduling and management. It highlights how St. Luke’s aimed to find a technology solution to make its patient transportation workflow smoother. The case study then dives into how Roundtrip provided a solution to improve the organization’s transportation workflow and offer features and integrations for greater efficiency and ease of use. By implementing Roundtrip’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, St. Luke’s achieved significant improvements in workflow efficiency and transportation performance, ultimately resulting in cost and time savings, as well as improvements to both staff and patient satisfaction 

Extra Overnight Stays Caused by Delays in Securing Transportation

Extra overnight hospital stays caused by delays in securing transportation

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