2 years of delivering cost savings, reliability for New England’s Largest Medical Imaging Group

  • Lifetime Ride Growth: Since launching with Roundtrip in September of 2017, monthly ride volume has grown 45%. In 2018, the client experienced a 3x growth in ride volume compared to the year before.
  • Lifetime Cost Savings: Compared to their previous transportation option, Roundtrip has saved the client 40% on transportation costs — $55,000+ to date.
  • Systemwide Expansion: After launching at two facilities, Roundtrip has expanded to 35 facilities with the client and has contract in place to expand to all 45 of the client’s facilities.

Roundtrip offers client 40% cost savings, on-demand transportation benefits for the largest network of medical imaging, and diagnostic treatment facilities in the Greater New England region.


With a focus on cutting-edge technology, provider expertise, and affordability, the client prioritizes the patient experience above all. The client is an outpatient network that provides MRI, PET/CT, and Radiation Oncology services to patients at over 40 locations across New England. This family-owned and operated business offers transportation as a benefit for patients to get to their MRI appointments.


Before Roundtrip, the client used a local cab company for patient rides. Each ride was scheduled by phone by the facility’s front office administrator. Though functional, the process burdened the front office staff with a lot of time spent on hundreds of phone calls per month while vehicle options were limited, and services were costly. Additionally, the client sought to improve operational efficiency and wanted to offer better coordination and more clear handoffs of information across different shifts covered by different care coordinators. There was no way to book transportation easily and have all ride information in one place for reference, and the transportation billing process was cumbersome.

Starting in September 2017, the client launched a partnership with Roundtrip to provide a better option for their patients. Today, over 300 ride requesters across 40+ locations at this health system rely on Roundtrip to coordinate and schedule rides. 

Now that ride requesters can schedule online, they no longer have to deal with the lengthy wait times as they did booking rides over the phone. The most common feedback we hear from the client is that they love the online-booking option and the fast service. And not only have we transformed the process of scheduling rides, but we’ve also modified the billing process after rides are booked and completed with one simple invoice. 

For patients, Roundtrip is improving the overall healthcare transportation experience by offering text message notifications 24 hours ahead of each ride and 30-minutes before the ride arrives. Roundtrip is going the extra mile so that “the last mile” goes according to plan with venue mapping capabilities. Roundtrip uses venue mapping in our implementation process to input more specific destinations to improve driver-patient connection. Improving driver-patient connection means reducing missed connections, which often result in no-shows or delay of care, which places a strain on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. 

For the ride requester, we send text message updates on where the ride is so they can track the progress of each trip. We’ve received direct feedback from the user that this is a helpful feature and continue to get user feedback to make these text messages as helpful and informative as possible.


Since launching with Roundtrip in September of 2017, monthly ride volume has grown 45%. Roundtrip has expanded to 15+ new facilities making our platform available system-wide for this outpatient network. In 2018, The client experienced a 3x growth in ride volume compared to the year before. Roundtrip continues to deliver 40% cost savings annually compared to their previous transportation option, with an average of $9.59 in cost savings per-ride.

Roundtrip has also had the unique opportunity to help the client with critical transportation needs for various patients. The best example for this medical imaging group is how Roundtrip provides rides for PET CT scans – a specific scan for cancer patients considered to be one of the best ways to view and understand the movement of cancer cells. To accomplish these scans for more patients, Roundtrip is providing both rideshare and taxi services organized by the client’s care coordinators.Ideally, the patient should arrive early to prep for the scan. 

Our client uses Roundtrip to ensure that patients arrive on time for these critical screening procedures and that the patient isn’t left with one more thing to worry about. Roundtrip is committed to delivering top-notch transportation to support our client in its mission: providing the best possible patient experience with advanced technology at the most affordable prices.


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