Using Transportation Data to get Real-Time Insight into Patient Flow

Brendan McNiff

With Roundtrip, you can get a customized summary on the transportation data you want, when you want it.

We know that knowledge is power. We built our platform so your healthcare organization can access all of your transportation data instantly, in one place. From there, you are empowered to make decisions that improve throughput, reduce no shows, and prevent readmissions.

Here’s how Roundtrip uses data to improve medical transportation:

  1. Reduce efforts of coordination: In the current phone-based model, there is little to no ability to track past ride performance or coordinate future rides for seamless care transitions. Roundtrip is a single point for all medical transportation coordination. For every trip, we track ride details and performance and host all of this in one place you can reference, instantly.
  2. Improve transparency: With Roundtrip as a single point of coordination, complete with real-time updates of the ride status, you know if a ride is in progress, on-time, or running late. No more phone calls to check ride status. Simply access Roundtrip for easy trip scheduling and patient ride monitoring.
  3. Increased ability to be proactive: With this information at your fingertips, you can see which patients are “frequent flyers,” who is consistently canceling their appointments, and how much time and money is being spent on transportation. Set goals, benchmark progress, and use real-time transportation metrics to evaluate initiatives.

Let care coordinators focus on caring for patients, not coordinating rides. Harness untapped transportation data to build operational efficiencies in your organization. See how here or schedule a demo with our team today!