Get to Know Our Leadership – Lindsay Tamchin

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Lindsay Tsai

We are proud to profile a number of our team members spearheading growth and innovation at Roundtrip. Check out the rest of the series to get to know the rest of our leadership team.

Meet Lindsay Tamchin, Roundtrip’s Chief Revenue Officer

Lindsay (Tsai) Tamchin is the Chief Revenue Officer at Roundtrip. She leads all revenue-generating activities at the company including marketing, business development, sales, and account management. Since joining in 2017, she has led the efforts to secure 60+ contracts across the country. Prior to Roundtrip, Lindsay served as the Program Director for Philly Startup Leaders and worked at Deloitte Technology Consulting, helping health systems navigate a rapidly-evolving technology landscape. Her consulting projects spanned developing 3D printing strategies for orthopedic departments to helping the DHHS capitalize on blockchain. She attended the University of Pennsylvania where she received her BSE in Materials Science Engineering and a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship.

Lindsay, what project at Roundtrip have you worked on that you are most proud of? 

Roundtrip has afforded me so many opportunities that have made me proud – from building a team and team culture from scratch, to generating millions of dollars in ARR, and truly making an impact on care coordinators and patients. One of my favorite memories was a classic startup situation where we pitched a new customer on a product we hadn’t built yet. Our “demo” was a series of Invision prototypes – how far we’ve come!! I’m also proud of the work I did with Roundtrip’s application to the National Institutes of Health to secure funding to offer a “dose of transportation” for patients seeking Opioid Use Disorder treatment, the epidemic in the middle of a pandemic. As a result of this effort, Roundtrip was awarded the largest Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 1 grant possible. There is not enough academic research in this space, so this effort is a really exciting one.

What mentor or prominent figure has influenced you in your career and why? You can share more than one. 
I’ve been really grateful to have a wonderful community around me- hard to choose just one! However, recently, I’ve been meeting with two guys I went to college with who are also in health tech. Our regular meetings are somewhere between mentorship and therapy, and it’s been incredible. Hearing what other founders/execs/startup teams are going through helps to remind me that I’m not alone. We share best practices, war stories, and experiences. These two guys have been huge advocates and encourage me day-in, day out. Particularly as a woman in a male-dominated industry, it’s always great to feel like you have people in your corner, pushing you forward and giving you a dose of confidence or reality when you need it!

Can you share some of your favorite books? 
The Last Lecture, Radical Candor, The Sales Acceleration Formula, The SaaS Sales Method Series by Winning by Design

What future do you envision for your team at Roundtrip in the next two years? 
The next two years are going to be really exciting for the Growth team. We’ve brought on some incredible hires who have years of specialized experience and can truly help us level up. We know the sales motion of our core market really well, and we are focused on refining and improving for exponential impact. This also will be an awesome foundation for us to bring new offerings to the market/launch in new segments as our product matures

Tell me about your hobbies and things you enjoy doing in your free time.
I love traveling, hiking with my dog, pilates, & wine tasting!

If you could donate $1million to any organization, what organization would it be?
I’m passionate about causes related to equity and access. Two organizations come to mind: 81cents is an organization with the goal of decreasing the wage gap. Women still earn an average of 81 cents for every dollar men earn, and the statistics look even more dismal when you consider race and underrepresented gender identities. I volunteer for this organization and truly support the mission. The other organization would be Special Olympics. My aunt has down syndrome and the Special Olympics was an organization that was really important for her development. She’s the greatest, and I love to support organizations that support her.