Company Culture: Our Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

Mark Switaj
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Healthcare Transportation. Simplified.
Diversity and Inclusion. Paramount.

Diversity mitigates risk — the more diverse our team, the greater our perspectives. The less tunnel-vision, the more we think differently and challenge assumptions. For these reasons exactly, we are super passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion, and every day we strive to find ways to be even better. Frankly, it’s the right thing to do, and it’s who we are.

Roundtrip’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Pledge

1. Leadership is taking responsibility. We are dedicated to continuously finding new ways to maximize opportunities for all employees, built by our D&I team, led by me.
2. Inclusivity is our culture. We will ensure all Roundtrip policies and procedures support the development and retention of an inclusive and diverse workforce from top to bottom.
3. Keep transparent and diverse hiring practices. We are committed to finding the best ways to build a diverse team of talented individuals and being as transparent as possible in our hiring process.
4. Offer ongoing training and personal development. We believe in the power of growth, both personally and professionally. We provide ongoing training and personal development and are committed to a 12-month onboarding program with diversity and inclusion training for all. We encourage and support the short and long-term goals of each team member.
5. Provide fair compensation and benefits. We are proud to support the equal pay act while also being an equal opportunity employer. We strive to provide our employees with the benefits they need to live healthy lives.
6. Feedback and improvement matters. We hold ourselves accountable to these initiatives through internal audits, surveys, and peer reviews.
7. Support accessible technology. We will provide accessible technology and continue to innovate and expand who and how we serve.
8. Be caring and compassionate community members. We don’t just want to improve healthcare transportation; we want to improve the communities we work in. We host a quarterly company-wide community service day and offer floating holidays that allow team members to dedicate time to community service.

We hope you share in our passion for growing and blossoming in a world motivated by inclusion.

Thank you,
Mark Switaj