Roundtrip TV Featuring Nightingale Partners Founder & Chairman, John Gorman

John Gorman is the Founder and Chairman of Nightingale Partners LLC. Nightingale is the first Opportunity Zone fund to invest in social determinants of health interventions with health insurers, local government, and provider organizations. Nightingales recent investment in Roundtrip will fuel growth initiatives, accelerate product development for its health plan offering, and further Roundtrip’s mission of removing transportation as a barrier to healthcare.

John serves on the Board of Directors of Henry Ford Health System’s Health Alliance Plan in his birthplace of Detroit. He also serves on the Advisory Board for NationsBenefits, the nation's leading supplemental benefits provider, and on the Medicaid Advisory Board for Icario Health, a leading member engagement and communications firm.

On this Roundtrip TV episode, Mark and John discuss Henry Ford Health System’s Health Alliance Plan, the next 5 years in Medicare Advantage, and supplemental benefits growth.