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Roundtrip and BSMH Teamed Up to Revolutionize The Complex Medical Transportation Industry 

Roundtrip works with BSMH to make sure that transportation is eliminated as a barrier to care for patients in every healthcare setting. The partnership ensures that all stakeholders in transportation (case managers, social workers, drivers, dispatchers, nurses, patients, and families) have a pleasant experience during ANY patient transition.

Through an easy-to-use platform and dedicated transportation team, Roundtrip will:

Reduce spend on ambulatory transportation by 35-40% by replacing taxi voucher programs with rideshare rides

Eliminate the need to use faxes when coordinating transportation

Provide a care coordinator-facing portal to handle bookings for patients (scheduled and on-demand)

Automatically send trip reminders via texts to patients & maximize compliance with rides and reduce no shows

Improve patient flow and reduce bottlenecks by booking rides quickly, and freeing up staff time

Monitor rides with real-time GPS tracking and provide the ability to review ride data including to/from addresses, ride time, ride cost, purpose of ride, driver information, patient details, and more

Efficiently coordinate all levels of transport – Wheelchair vans, ambulances, and medical sedans are all available

Reduce no-shows to less than a quarter of the national average. BSMH Richmond x Roundtrip has a 3.5% no-show rate compared to a 20% national no-show rate.

“Roundtrip helps make sure that I am here to help.” 

- Jacquie Naismith, Nurse Navigator

“It’s smooth. And I don’t need a fax machine. I can’t even fathom doing it the old way.”

- Ivone Melendez, Certified OncologyNurse, Certified Medical Surgical Nurse