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Our 24/7 Navigation Center is there to monitor rides and ensure every patient gets to their destination. Things happen in transit. But no worries, we have a team of transportation experts dedicated to oversee every ride, every day.

Supporting preventive health measures

As a patient, that ride may be the difference between catching a mild illness and an unchecked issue that turns into a chronic one. We're here to help ensure more patients go to more routine appointments. This means better health outcomes for communities, but also saved expenses for both the hospital and the patient in the long run: Every $1 spent on NEMT saves $11 in healthcare costs¹

* Florida Transportation Disadvantaged Programs "Return On Investment Study" prepared by: Dr. J. Joseph Cronin, Jr. | The John R. Kerr Research Chair in Marketing Department of Marketing and Co-Director the Marketing Institute The College of Business Florida State University

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