PYMNTS: Uber Of X – RoundTrip, Big Data And On-Demand Medical Transportation

RoundTrip, which officially launched at the end of 2016, is an on-demand, medical transportation system dedicated to hospitals, health plans, mental institutions and other related organizations to transport patients. The marketplace is comprised of pairing those health organizations with credentialed medical transportation companies and combining the data for health providers to bring down the cost of health care in the long run. The concept allows health providers to follow the patient on their journey to and from these health care organizations but also follow up with the patient if they, for example, decide to not board the vehicle prior to their necessary appointments.

The Philadelphia-based company is focused on Big Data and uses that for predictive analytics for health care. Knowing more about the patient is a growing trend and is becoming an invaluable asset to health organizations.

RoundTrip’s Mark Switaj, founder and CEO, and Ankit Mathur, chief information officer, spoke with PYMNTS about how the company has some similarities and differences with Uber, why it’s not just about the transportation and the reason Big Data matters in the health care space.

PYMNTS: What’s the mission and overview of RoundTrip?

MS: Our mission is to simplify medical transportation. RoundTrip is the on-demand, medical transportation system uniquely designed for hospitals, health plans, mental institutions — organizations that routinely order medical transportation on behalf of the patients that they serve. And, on the other side of the equation, RoundTrip partners with medical transportation providers who provide credentialed medical transportation, whether it’s for patients that are wheelchair-bound or patients that are bed-bound that would need to be transported by stretcher or by ambulance from A to B, non-urgently.

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