Yahoo! Finance: Roundtrip and Redox Partner to Deliver a Complete View of the Patient Journey to Care Innovators Everywhere

Partnership ensures interoperability with IT systems across care settings for a comprehensive view of patient movement

Roundtrip, the leading digital transportation marketplace for providers and patients, announced today its strategic partnership with Redox, the leading integration platform for healthcare data exchange. With Redox ensuring total interoperability across healthcare data source systems, Roundtrip can compile a complete view of a patient’s transportation journey between care settings and offer insights to improve outcomes.

“Improving patient outcomes with better transportation goes far beyond optimizing how singular appointments are scheduled and fulfilled,” said Mark Switaj, CEO, Roundtrip. “It is about understanding a patient’s entire experience across the care continuum and identifying opportunities for optimization when they exist. With Redox, we can ensure access to information across myriad IT systems used to deliver and document care to get a comprehensive view of a patient and to ensure their high-quality healthcare journey.”

Roundtrip offers provider organizations and health plans a digital solution for booking and tracking patient transportation. Acting as an “adhesive” between many different organizations and service providers, Roundtrip must effectively access and exchange information with a wide range of EHR and EMS systems. Deep integration with these systems reduces documentation needs, enables advanced workflows like prior authorization checks, and ensures the patient record remains comprehensive. Redox ensures Roundtrip is fully interoperable and scalable with all of the healthcare source systems in use across its customer base.

“Roundtrip is a perfect example of digital health done right,” said Luke Bonney, CEO, Redox. “Even something as foundational as providing transportation to make sure patients are where they need to be, when they need to be there, can make a world of difference in their outcomes. The big differentiator here is that Roundtrip has built a solution designed with the patient in mind, not the needs of a single organization. By taking this approach, the company has combined previously siloed information to create a system capable of so much more. We are honored to partner with Roundtrip and look forward to helping them continue to realize their vision and make healthcare better.”

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