Lyft and RoundTrip Partner to Provide On-Demand Patient Transportation Nationwide

RoundTrip, a healthcare technology company for hospitals and medical transportation providers, has announced a nationwide partnership with Lyft, expanding its ability to provide transportation for all patient needs. By integrating the ridesharing service into RoundTrip’s patient ride scheduling and monitoring application, hospitals and point-of-care based managers can schedule a Lyft ride for any patient who can be picked up curbside.

“We are thrilled to partner with a reputable ridesharing service like Lyft,” said Mark Switaj, Founder and CEO of RoundTrip, “With the integration of our two technologies, we can better serve the growing need for reliable non-emergency medical transportation, as an estimated 3.6 million medical appointments are missed or delayed each year because of transportation challenges.”

The partnership expands RoundTrip’s current connection to services of medical sedan, wheelchair, and non-emergency ambulance transport companies and provides healthcare staff the ability to book any type of transportation for patients in one software application, the first of its kind in the nation.

“Working to integrate our technology with RoundTrip is a major step forward in solving current pain points with patient transportation,” said Gyre Renwick, head of healthcare partnerships at Lyft . “We look forward to providing these solutions to ensure that patients who need reliable and affordable  transportation have access to it.”

While many patients at hospitals have ride services covered by their medical insurance carrier, the uninsured and under-insured are often caught in the middle: hospital-provided care, but no way to get home from appointments. With taxi voucher programs operationally cumbersome, hospitals can now order a Lyft ride for a fraction of the cost. For patients who need more care during transport, RoundTrip users can continue to schedule wheelchair and ambulance transportation, all through one simple-to-use portal.

About RoundTrip

Healthcare technology company RoundTrip is disrupting the $13 billion medical transportation industry by providing on-demand medical transportation for hospitals, healthcare organizations, transportation managers, and health plans. RoundTrip’s online care portal and on-demand ordering system connect patients and care coordinators with a network of non-emergency medical transportation providers to save time, reduce expenses, and improve the quality of patient care. For details, visit roundtrip.docker and follow RoundTrip on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.