Increase Savings with Faster Throughput

Roundtrip's flexible software solution simplifies the transportation booking process, enabling faster patient discharges and increased throughput. Use our ROI calculator to estimate the savings your organization can glean by using Roundtrip to save up to fifty minutes per patient discharges requiring transportation.
Fill out our ROI calculator to discover what your organization can save using Roundtrip to increase patient throughput.
  • Experience smoother transfers

  • Expedite discharges

  • Increase revenue

  • Speed up turnover

  • Decrease length of stay

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“This service has significantly improved our patients’ ability to access timely and consistent wound care services in our centers in New Brunswick and Monroe. Our partnership with Roundtrip for on-demand and pre-scheduled rides has allowed those patients already enrolled in our services who are struggling with transportation challenges to faithfully engage in their prescribed weekly wound care visits. This has been such an added value for our patients, families and community referring providers.”

-Wendy Calvin, Director, Saint Peter’s University Hospital’s Wound Care Center® and Hyperbaric Services.