Healthcare Transportation Blueprint

Roundtrip is here to help build your transportation program

Implementing a successful transportation strategy can benefit both health outcomes and healthcare organizations. Return on investment may include, but is not limited to, the improvement of workflows and patient satisfaction, as well as reduction of length of stay, missed appointments, and direct costs related to transportation. 

We understand that building a transportation program is a comprehensive process, which is why we created this Transportation Blueprint for you. Use this as a framework to establish an effective transportation strategy. 

At Roundtrip, we are on a mission to drive better patient outcomes through transportation. We hope that this blueprint helps accelerate your organization on that journey.

What is included in this Transportation Blueprint:

  • Positioning transportation as a priority

  • Creating a transportation vision

  • Choosing the right solution

  • Conducting a successful implementation

  • Measuring impact and iterating

  • Getting started with helpful templates and resources

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The Roundtrip Impact


With Roundtrip, case managers at CCHS can operate at the top of their licenses, focusing on what matters most. CCHS has over 2,000 rides per month reliably executed with utilization rapidly growing across the health plan and inpatient setting. Direct costs have reduced 42%, exceeding partnership goal by 30%. Roundtrip has also reduced the number of calls by 40% for care coordinators and call center agents.