A tech solution with a human touch — Roundtrip Navigation Center

"Our key differentiator is the 24/7 support the Navigation Center provides to ensure seamless rides and the best experience for staff and riders​." - Roundtrip Founder & CEO, Mark Switaj

The navigation center has 4.9/5​ patient satisfaction for their 24/7 support

At Roundtrip, we believe in the importance of the human element in everything we do. When it comes to monitoring and coordinating the transportation itself, our Navigation Center team members are second to none. They significantly increase our work efficiency which directly increases rider satisfaction. The Navigation Center specializes in four core functions – ride booking, monitoring, investigating, and technical and customer support.

Ride Booking

By offering 24/7 person-to-person support through our Navigation Center, we can support every individual to their specific needs. In 2021, our team spent 700+ hours supporting our incredible riders, drivers, and ride requesters.

Care coordinators can schedule rides on behalf of patients, caregivers, and staff to take place immediately, within a few hours, or up to 30 days in advance. This allows for transportation to be scheduled for follow-up appointments while still at the healthcare facility. Our Navigation Center can also receive calls from riders to assist in this process and book rides directly over the phone.

Roundtrip takes the transportation worry out of the care coordinator’s mind. With more efficient transportation coordination, care coordinators can get back to caring for their patients.

“A fun person to talk with. Very simple & easy!” – Contra Costa Health Plan

Proactive Ride Monitoring

Roundtrip’s Navigation Center monitors every ride that comes through the platform, 24/7. Our team is available to assist at any point, whether it is getting medical insurance prior authorization, providing personal reminders to patients, or obtaining real-time status updates of a ride.

One of the best ways we can be proactive with our users is with advanced messaging. To drastically reduce no-show rates, ride statuses are continuously updated in the portal and notifications are sent to riders, drivers, and ride requesters to keep everyone informed throughout the ride.

Studies support that messaging reminders to patients reduce no-shows by 38%. Our technology has automated text message, email and voice call reminders in English and Spanish. In addition, our team of navigation center agents follow-up with riders who miss their ride, can’t locate their driver, or leave a personal item in the vehicle. We are committed to providing the necessary education tools that ensure every patient feels comfortable and at ease during their journey.

Ride Investigation

6 million Americans miss medical care in a year due to transportation issues, and the Roundtrip team is determined to destroy this blocker. We know medical treatment is often unpredictable. Perhaps a patient’s chemotherapy ran long, or their doctor needed to ask a few extra follow up questions. In the event of a missed ride, our Navigation Center will contact the patient and or Care Coordinator to determine the status of a patient, and whether a ride is still needed. Our team can re-dispatch rides on behalf of the patient and edit rides on-demand to fit any scheduling changes. Most ride requests will arrive in under 10 minutes. Our rapid follow-up policy keeps healthcare facilities proactive and ensures patients are never experiencing unnecessary wait times.

“When you are having trouble, Roundtrip agents call and ask you are you okay and they help you. They are so kind and courteous. I appreciate that. ” – CHOP

Technical & Customer Support

Good customer service means rider, driver, and ride requester satisfaction. Our Navigation Center team can troubleshoot any issues a care coordinator may be having, and are experts in answering all questions, from the confusing landscape of healthcare payers to patient trip inquiries, and everything in between.

“Very easy to navigate the system. The support staff/customer service is amazing!!” – ChristianaCare

Roundtrip’s mission is to eliminate transportation as a barrier to care, and it is our world-class support system that allows us to do that.


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