Venue Mapping Further Enhances The Patient’s Transportation Experience

Susanna Arntz

Hospital networks and health systems are among some of the most challenging places to navigate in the county alongside universities and airports. Studies have shown that hospitals lose millions of dollars each year due to late arrivals and missed appointments, some of which is likely attributed to just an inability to find the appropriate entrance.

Roundtrip saw an opportunity to enhance the current inefficiencies around complicated pick-up and drop-off points at health systems. That’s why we introduced venue mapping in our booking platform. Instead of dropping map pins in the center of a building, Roundtrip can map an entire healthcare facility. By venue mapping all entrances and exits at our clients’ sites, we are eliminating any potential confusion of where precisely to drop-off or pick-up for both the driver and the rider.

To venue map these locations, Roundtrip leveraged Google Geocoding technology to find the exact longitude and latitude of each individual hospital entrance. This then becomes the location where the driver is told to pick up or drop off the patient.

Through this technology, we allow care coordinators, social workers, and nurses to select not only the appropriate building for pick up or drop off, but the very door where the patient will be awaiting transport. Below, is an image of what venue mapped options look like for any given hospital.

Before this awesome feature, drivers would only receive the generic pin drop of the Hospital, which often leads drivers astray and patients stranded or late to their appointment.