The Critical Role of User Feedback for Building the Best Product

Zach Guendelsberger
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At Roundtrip, we believe in the importance of the human element in everything we do. When it comes to monitoring and coordinating the transportation itself, our Navigation Center team members are second to none. While it may seem a little less intuitive, the human element is just as important when it comes to building software.

User feedback plays a critical role in how we build the best product possible.

The Product Team here is challenged to bring a fresh and delightful tech solution to an outdated system of booking and monitoring transportation in an industry that hasn’t seen much change in quite some time. We ask ourselves the question, “how do we ease that transition for our clients while ensuring we’re meeting their needs?”. Three critical parts of our user feedback process are as follows:

  1.     We listen to all of our users

We understand that tech can sometimes be more of a hindrance rather than a help, so we take critical feedback seriously over here. We don’t just tolerate it, we welcome it. We know that our regular users and super-users can relay information best on the product experience and ways we can make it even better. While we strive to make our software as simple and intuitive to use as possible, we know that we are constantly learning and iteration is everything. The feedback from our patients, care coordinators, and internal Navigation Center team is sought early and often. Before we start developing a new feature, we ask a TON of questions to the intended users. This ensures that we fully understand their needs and can design a technical solution to meet them.

  1.     We take all feedback and make incremental improvements

After we gather initial input, we’ll either design a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version and then go back to that user group to verify our design. This holds us accountable and helps us to constantly make tweaks towards greater success. Innovation isn’t always disruptive. Sometimes it’s a tiny one-word copy change or a slight layout change. But the smallest changes can build the biggest brand loyalists.

  1.     We release new versions every 2 weeks

The Product Team is always iterating upon our software in order to improve its usability. We release a version of our software every two weeks, so we are able to get new features out quickly. We really enjoy delivering new features that our clients and the rest of the team have been asking about. Like a lot of other things in life, to reach success, consistency is key! We want to consistently be making changes based on user feedback to keep things fresh and built with the user in mind.

While we are on the topic, do you have any ideas that you’d like to share on how we can build a better product for our users? Tweet your user feedback to us at @roundtriphealth and we will get right back to you.