How Our Support Team Effectively Connects Patients and Drivers

Angela Damiano

Missed connections, missing ride statuses, and poor communication between drivers, patients and care coordinators; these are some of the most critical pain points in healthcare transportation felt by hospitals everywhere. At Roundtrip, we’re in the business of delivering world-class tech solutions with an enthusiastic, people-focused support team to address these issues. Together, we are able to create a seamless, proactive transportation solution for partnering health systems and hospitals.

Advanced Messaging:

“Ok thank you for reminding me of my appointment for tomorrow. Have a good day”

-Text from a Roundtrip Rider

In the DNA of our culture, you’ll find a proactive approach to both how we build our company and how we serve our health partners. One of the best ways we can be proactive with our users is with advanced messaging. In an effort to drastically reduce no-show rates, we send out reminders to patients 24 hours in advance of their scheduled rides.  

Studies support that messaging reminders to patients have reduced no-show rates by almost 20% (, and utilizing a blend of phone calls and text messages with multiple language options allows almost all patients access to these reminders.

The Last 10 Feet

The advent of rideshare and a more dynamic role of technology has shifted how healthcare institutions manage transportation today. Increased cost-effectiveness, expedited response times, and a yield of more accurate data surrounding rides are a few of the core benefits stemming from ridesharing.

With that being said, rideshare can be a confusing and difficult process for patient populations unfamiliar with the technology. For these instances, ensuring the connection between a patient and a driver can be the most difficult part of the ride process. At Roundtrip, we employ a variety of workflow innovations to ease this experience:

  •      Provide the driver with contact info for the patient
  •      Provide the patient with the driver contact & vehicle information via text or phone call in their native language
  •      Provide the patient with a link to a live map displaying the location of their vehicle

Collectively, this information we provide to patients gives them more real-time insight than ever before. Patients and care coordinators alike now know exactly where their ride currently is, and using the live map in conjunction with direct passenger-to-driver communication, patients are able to close the gap on “the last 10 feet”.

Leveraging these features, we reduce missed connections between drivers and patients. As a patient, connecting with your driver should not be a confusing and stressful event. We are here to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

Rapid Response Follow Up

Medical treatment is often unpredictable. Perhaps a patient’s chemotherapy ran long, or their doctor needed to ask a few extra follow up questions. In the event of a missed ride, our navigation center will contact the patient and/or Care Coordinator to determine the status of a patient, and whether or not a ride is still needed. Our Navigation team can redispatch rides on behalf of the patient and edit rides on-demand to fit any scheduling changes. Our Rapid Response follow-up policy keeps healthcare facilities proactive and ensures patients are never experiencing unnecessary wait times.

World Class Support System

“The world should be populated with Matt’s! This young man has renewed my optimism in humanity”

-Text from a Roundtrip Rider

We live in an age of automation and artificial intelligence, where the human component of workflows, particularly in tech, are becoming more and more obsolete. But, given our diverse user base, with many of which would not self-identify as tech-savvy, we have to adapt our technology solutions to meet their existing usability standards.

Having accessible human help is still as important as ever. By offering 24/7 person-to-person support through our navigation center, we are able to assist with any questions patients may have about their upcoming rides. Moreover, we can support every individual to their specific needs. Over time, our team has built some incredible relationships with our “regulars”, and love speaking with them directly and often.

Our Navigation team can also troubleshoot any issues a care coordinator may be having, and are experts in answering all questions, from the confusing landscape of healthcare payers to patient trip inquiries, and everything in between.

Roundtrip is here to eliminate transportation as a barrier to care, and it’s our world-class support system that allows us to do that.