Roundtrip’s Spring Fling: A Celebration of Company Culture and Client Partnership

Ellen Williams
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Roundtrip recently held our annual Spring Fling company event, where the team met at our headquarters in Philadelphia. Over three action-packed days, we engaged in team-building activities, met with clients, and participated in a charitable activity. The event also featured a quarterly presentation by our executive leadership on the state of the company, underscoring Roundtrip’s commitment to transparency and a people-centric culture. 

Team Bonding at its Finest 

Since Roundtrip transitioned to a remote-first company, leadership has always prioritized creating opportunities for the team to gather and create deeper connections. On the first night, each team had a group adventure ranging from axe throwing to pottery and candle making, followed by team dinners. Connection continued to be a priority throughout our time in person, culminating in Thursday’s big murder mystery dinner! This theatrical and hilarious performance was not only fun and engaging, but it also provided an opportunity for the team to work collaboratively and exercise problem-solving skills to solve the crime. 

The XO, Engineering, and Product teams enjoy some team bonding activities.
The XO, Engineering, and Product teams enjoy some team bonding activities.
A “Listen First” Culture  

One of Roundtrip’s core values is “Listen First,” and employees had a unique opportunity to demonstrate this first-hand through on-site visits with our local health system users. These visits were crucial in helping team members understand how case managers, social workers, and other care coordinators use Roundtrip’s software to facilitate a better patient transportation experience. Furthermore, our visits gave our team an opportunity to connect with users in-person and learn firsthand about the impact of our solution on their workflow.  

Roundtrippers truly enjoyed spending time at on-site client visits.
Giving Back 

 Following client visits, the team came together to build snack packs for patients undergoing chemotherapy. After packing up a selection of goodies and inspirational messages, our donations were delivered to The Unforgotten Haven, an organization that donates the bags across cancer centers in the area. This activity provided a meaningful opportunity to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the lives of those dealing with unfortunate circumstances. 

The team building chemo snack packs.
 State of the Company 

On Friday, the executive team presented a “State of the Company” report, covering everything from product plan updates to engineering’s plans to continue improving our infrastructure and building out meaningful features. Additionally, the team shared an overview of the growth’s team campaigns for Q1. This transparent approach keeps employees informed on company goals and sets the stage for individual goal setting later in the quarter.  

Roundtrip’s Spring Fling all-hands meeting was a true celebration of company culture and client partnership.