Roundtrip Team – What Drives Us?

Roundtrip Team

Tech companies and startups spend a lot of time talking about company culture and team dynamics. While most people agree on what aspects contribute to a positive and strong culture — few know how to execute on that strategy and maintain it while scaling fast. Needless to say, creating a positive culture of free-flowing ideas is not an easy task for any company. But it’s exactly what small teams need to focus on to be successful in the short-term AND long-term.

At Roundtrip, our company culture champions diversity: different backgrounds — both professionally and personally, diversity of thought, and welcomed healthy tension.

Having such robust diversity is what allows us to problem solve in an effective and personalized way for an industry that needs to be people-first to win: healthcare. We view inefficiencies and flaws in the healthcare transportation industry as opportunities to develop innovative, sustainable solutions.

What keeps us together and moving forward is our unified mission and vision. Our different perspectives and backgrounds are what keeps things fresh and allows us to learn from one another! Recently, I took the time to ask some of our team what drives them every day. While we are one very diverse team, some common themes hold true for many of us.

Alex, our Client Service Specialist, wanted to work in the healthcare space because he understood there was a problem to be solved. He explains, “I wanted to be able to see the day-to-day benefits of my work and be with a company whose goals align with mine. A lot of the patients we serve are going through some of the most trying times of their lives. If we can do something that will make those difficult times a bit brighter and less stressful, then we’ve accomplished our goal.”

Lindsay, our Director of Client Growth, says, “I joined Roundtrip to work with an incredible group of people united by a common goal. I’ve never worked with such a down-to-earth, brilliant, and fun team. The passion is contagious, and it’s hard not to feel the excitement of what we are accomplishing. Every day I learn from those around me, grow in new ways, and make an impact. It’s ideal to have amazing people, interesting work, and tangible impact in one place. Our mission formally is to ‘fix medical transportation,’ but I think it’s really more than that. We have the ability to affect patients and their families’ lives and transform the way healthcare organizations facilitate transportation. We’re driving better health outcomes through transportation.”

Our Marketing Lead, Susanna, says she joined Roundtrip “because it’s solving a real problem that so many people can relate to or have experienced themselves.” She recalls, “10 years ago, there was no such thing as on-demand ride-sharing from your phone. I remember being in high school when our family was coordinating rides for my Dad’s oncology appointments. It’s pretty crazy to think about walking to the hospital from school every day when he was in the hospital. Now, grabbing a ride is so easy and convenient. Today, transportation has changed because technology is supporting it. Knowing Roundtrip can help families and loved ones get through hard times by solving the transportation challenge means the quality of life for many people will be positively impacted. And in times when health is in crisis, quality of life means everything.”

Having a team that comes from different backgrounds and different experiences reinforces our value of having a strong and inclusive company culture and diversity of thought. On an individual level, we understand the stress and feeling of helplessness when it comes to healthcare transportation. We’ve witnessed our own family members face the challenges of Alzheimer’s, cancer, down-syndrome, and other life events that create a greater and/or different need for transportation and care. What truly connects us is our unified goal of fixing medical transportation so that patients and their families can have a much better experience getting to and from care.