Roundtrip to Roll out Ridesharing Program at NIH

Vinay Nagaraj

It is with great enthusiasm that Roundtrip announces it will provide services to the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, the largest research hospital in America. Roundtrip will be implementing its secure software platform for hospital staff to access rideshare through Roundtrip’s nationwide partnership with Lyft. The goal of this service is to effectively and efficiently arrange ground transportation services for patients undergoing clinical trials, as well as inpatient admissions and outpatient visits

As an innovative, on-demand and scheduled trip management service, Roundtrip ensures that patients can get to where they need to be safely and on-time. NIH staff will have the ability to employ Roundtrip’s intuitive ride-ordering online portal to voicelessly book rides as well as access a robust real-time reporting across the transport sequence. Through Roundtrip’s platform, NIH staff will have the option to arrange on-demand Lyft rides for patients to provide point-to-point service to and from the NIH, local hospitals, as well as hotels, airports, and residences.

Clients such as NIH are able to:
1. Employ the Lyft network for ambulatory services.
Many clients saw approximately 30% overall reduction in costs when compared to traditional taxi programs
2. Decrease the ordering time and time spent on managing transportation
Many clients were able to reduce ordering time to 90 seconds or less.
3. Automatically send trip reminders to patients who choose to receive them
Roundtrip has a current no-show rate of ~4% compared to the industry/average of ~19%
4. Utilize Roundtrip’s intuitive interface and 24/7 Navigation Center to improve coordination

Roundtrip values the relationship it holds with each rider, continually improving its platform to address transit needs. Via a recent contract awarded by NIH, Roundtrip will be launching its service with the NIH Clinical Center before the end of 2018. Roundtrip’s services will complement the continued use of other modes of transportation which will create more options and flexibility.

About Roundtrip
Roundtrip’s mission is to simplify, modernize, and deliver world-class non-emergency transportation services for those who require safe and specialized transportation services. We are a secure software solution that provides on-demand trip scheduling and monitoring services that increase network efficiency through empowered transportation partners and improves rider experience through an online trip booking portal. Roundtrip serves healthcare professionals — including care coordinators, nurses and other transport requestors — with easy-to-use online and mobile platforms that connect patients with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) such as medical cars, wheelchair vans, and stretcher vehicles when and where they need it. Our on-demand patient ride ordering system saves time, reduces expenses, and improves the quality of care. Learn more at