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Vinay Nagaraj
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Today, Tuesday, October 23, 2018, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia hosted a program called Health Care of Tomorrow: Transforming the Consumer Experience. The event was hosted at Quorum at the Science Center. Attendees learned how the health care sector is currently undergoing a consumer revolution and how recognizing the importance of the associated patients’ needs and expectations will ensure better outcomes.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Stephen Klasko, CEO and President, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. Following his keynote, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia invited other innovative, regional leaders in healthcare to talk about how to influence change across various sectors.

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia selected Roundtrip to give a talk on transportation as both a social determinant of health (SDOH) and a very prevalent barrier to care for patients. Roundtrip CEO Mark Switaj presented the challenges through data and showcased what successful outcomes look like with existing partners like local partner MD Anderson at Cooper. The conversation around social determinants of health is heating up and it’s an important one. While there are countless resources and powerful tools available — creating solutions that work for everyone, especially underserved, specialized populations — is a priority here at Roundtrip.

“The key is figuring out how to make these powerful tools work for specialized populations.”                                                                                                                  -Mark Switaj, CEO of Roundtrip

Mark was joined with other influencers including Chris Cera, CEO of Arcweb Technologies and Marilyn Eckley, Executive Vice President Health Services, AmeriHealth Caritas.

Special thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia for putting on such a fantastic event and sparking new conversations around healthcare innovation.

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About Roundtrip

Roundtrip is on a mission to expand access to care by fixing medical transportation. 3.6 million people either miss or have delayed appointments every year. Transportation issues account for one of the biggest barriers to care. Roundtrip seeks to simplify, modernize, and deliver world-class medical transportation services through empowered transportation partners to healthcare organizations and their patients.

Roundtrip is removing barriers to care by connecting healthcare providers with transport providers to get patients the very best ride. Our software streamlines patient ride coordination for hospitals, health plans, medical transportation providers, caregivers and patients alike. Because everybody deserves to get to the care they need.

Roundtrip has the vision of transforming the entire patient transportation sequence, particularly, those transport providers servicing the patient rides. That’s why we created the first ever marketplace for all patients and all ride types — Roundtrip Community. Currently, Roundtrip Community presents transportation providers all in one place: nationally with Lyft and in 23 states and 100 cities with agencies that offer higher levels of transport. By 2020, the Roundtrip Community anticipates operations in 48 states with expansion into overseas markets, including single-payer health system countries.

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