Introducing Roundtrip’s New Brand Identity

Mark Switaj
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Today we want to officially introduce the new Roundtrip brand identity, as we start to refresh the brand everywhere. While our old logo will always be near and dear to us, we were ready for the change and we are excited to share it with you. 

Like everything else, our shared core values drive everything we do.

Core Values

Help Others.
Embody Excellence.
Champion Diversity.
Keep it Simple.

We know the importance of a logo as it often is the first access point and introduction to who we are. There were some key opportunities to embody more of our core values with the design and usage of our logo. Thus, ideas surrounding that heavily influenced the strategy behind this brand refresh. 

Our first logo was created when our company launched back in May 2016. It was playful and approachable. While we certainly aren’t newcomers to the space, we were introducing new ideas to an industry known to be slow to change. There was a part of us that just wanted to be accepted and understood by prospective users. We sought the validation that the market wanted us. That’s exactly what we got (and then some). 

In a matter of 50 weeks, we doubled our number of trips and revenue grew 35% month over month.

We 12x’d daily recurring revenue and landed wonderful partnerships with care innovators like Geisinger, VCU Health, NIH, Saint Peters, and Holy Name. 

Lead by our marketing lead, Susanna Arntz and design maverick Matt Stay, the team got to work with one goal in mind: create a brand that clearly represents our core values and the future we are quickly approaching. After a 3-hour brand sprint with team leaders, countless hours on Zoom going back and forth, and many rounds of revisions, we are pleased to share our new brand. 

In the process of building this out, we got to answer a lot of fundamental questions like, “Why do we do what we do?” and “How do we want the world to see us?” and “How do we make sure the people who need us can discover us?”

Why We Do What We Do 

While our dedication and focus on the problem we solve hasn’t changed, our view and understanding of impact has gotten larger and larger. 


We envision a world in which transportation 
is no longer a barrier to care for anyone.


Improve health outcomes 
by providing the best possible rides for patients 
through the simplest coordination imaginable.

How We Want The World To See Us

Professional. Reliable. Easy-to-use. Delightful. Compassionate. We dare to encompass all of these attributes in ways large and small across the entire user experience. From setting up an account, to helping a care coordinator use the platform in a new way, to the patient’s family having the peace of mind that their loved one is getting to-and-from the care they need. 


The biggest change from our old logo to the new one is separating out the wordmark from the iconmark for multipurpose use. This is our new wordmark:

While we are keeping our classic pin icon, we took it out of our logomark itself. Now we have the wordmark (above) and the pin iconmark (below) to use in various ways — together or separately. 

Both our wordmark and iconmark are deliberately simple. We struck a balance of hard lines and curves, with transit routes and roads in mind, when conceptualizing this design.


We focused all on legibility and readability. Options for bold headlines and simplicity overall really drove our typography choices here. We’re using Source Sans as our standard typography, Typold for standard headlines, and Galaxie Copernicus for big headlines.


Our brand team felt color was a key way to communicate some of these attributes, so we updated and expanded our palette. We chose colors that are brighter and bolder. Colors that you have seen in and around care organizations. Doctors in scrubs moving swiftly through hallways inspired the Roundtrip blue. We also chose a cheery yellow to brighten up our brand just as daffodils do on the window sill of a hospital room and a navy blue that often stripes the side of medical transport vehicles who are moving patients each and every day. Our updated brand design now lives and breathes care just as our team and product do.

Making Sure People Can Find Us Easily

Just as we care about making a product that is easy-to-use, we want interacting with our brand to be simple and flexible for all. That’s the primary reason why we made the following changes:

  • Spelling: RoundTrip → Roundtrip
  • Domain: → roundtrip.docker*

*We updated our email addresses with this change, however email sent to our old email addresses will still be forwarded to us.

In the coming months, you’ll see all the other visuals around Roundtrip aligning with this new direction: on our website, in our onboarding and training materials, and in some places in the product (though not in a way that will keep you from doing what you need to do, of course).

We are still Roundtrip — just more versatile and capable than ever before.