Roundtrip is the Ideal Solution for Paratransit Rides

Zack Worsham
paratransit rides

Why should you use Roundtrip for paratransit rides?  Roundtrip offers an innovative and integrated transit technology platform. Roundtrip expands mobility options for paratransit systems by allowing customers to book same-day point-to-point rides, regardless of physical ability. Our marketplace of vetted transportation providers (i.e., curb-to-curb, door-to-door, wheelchair van, etc.), all exist in the same place. This makes it easy for patients to actually use the transit system.

On the back end, Roundtrip can provide comprehensive reports about your paratransit operations. Roundtrip collects 60+ data points across the transport sequence to provide detailed insight into ridership, utilization, timeliness, ride reasons, and more.

Roundtrip also enables deep customization to allow for your rider population to have the highest chance of having a great transportation experience. Our system allows for automated geofencing so customers can travel to and from designated fixed-route stops. This ensures compliance while minimizing fraud, waste, and abuse. We also have a 24-7 call center available to answer calls from riders or agency staff.

Roundtrip’s roots in healthcare transportation give us deep experience when it comes to expanding transportation access in rural areas. One of Roundtrip’s flagship partners is Geisinger Health System, known as one of the most innovative healthcare delivery systems in the country. But with 2.6 million residents in 45 rural counties, transporting patients to/from the facility was a challenge before they started with Roundtrip. By aggregating the options in the market, Geisinger now has access to 40+ vetted transportation providers and can move patients much more effectively. Vulnerable populations with mobility barriers can now take advantage of a fixed-route system and travel freely regardless of age, location, income, or abilities.

Once rides are scheduled (online or through their phones), customers receive detailed ride reminders in advance via text notifications with information about the driver/vehicle and pickup time. Once rides are completed, text feedback is collected for both quantitative and qualitative ratings on the ride for evaluation and continual improvement of the rider experience.

By expanding transit access for populations with mobility and access barriers, you can promote better whole-person care. Allowing your customers to travel more easily promotes greater health and economic productivity across the community.