Roundtrip and Hitch Health Ink Partnership to Expand Patient Access, Regardless of Mobility

Zack Worsham

Roundtrip, the leading digital healthcare transportation marketplace, and Hitch Health, an innovative healthcare transportation technology company, are partnering to develop the most comprehensive healthcare transportation solution in the market. Both companies are committed to improving health outcomes through transportation and making coordination as seamless as possible. Together, Roundtrip and Hitch Health seek to relieve operational burdens for care coordination teams and drive better outcomes for patients, nationwide. 

By connecting Roundtrip’s ride-booking platform and Hitch Health’s ability to proactively identify patients with a potential transportation barrier, healthcare organizations are effectively able to expand access for any patient, regardless of mobility. This integration allows for a greater collective impact on no-show rates across the healthcare landscape.

As a comprehensive medical transportation solution, Roundtrip supports all patient transport types including wheelchair vans, stretcher vehicles, and basic life support (BLS)/advanced life support (ALS) ambulances, and delivers trips when and where they are needed; while also accepting all payment types. Roundtrip presents a marketplace model that encourages quality transportation to be provided in a timely manner. 

“It is an honor to facilitate all types of rides for all types of patients and to transform transportation from a burden to a solution. We are excited about seeing improvements in patient experience and what the future holds for providing better clinical outcomes on a large scale,” said Mark Switaj, CEO of Roundtrip. “Integrating with Hitch Health will extend our existing customer experience with the option of dynamic text message communication to help enhance this easy-to-monitor, new way of booking rides.”

By leveraging Hitch Health software, frontline staff no longer need to manually schedule curb-to-curb rides to or from clinics. Hitch Health software applies customized filters to patient appointment data in the providers’ electronic health records to identify individuals who may need transportation to and from a clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office and proactively offers roundtrip rides to patients through SMS texting. 

“Integrating with Roundtrip allows us to create even better coordination solutions for patients-in-need and healthcare workers, and results in significant cost savings for healthcare systems and clinics,” said Sara Russick, CEO of Hitch Health. “We are looking forward to realizing the positive impacts our partnership will bring.” 

In a 12-month pilot program at the Hennepin Healthcare internal medicine clinic in downtown Minneapolis, Hitch Health reduced the clinic no-show rate by 27%. This decrease in no-shows led to an estimated $270,000 increase in revenue — an estimated 297% return on investment — and these results came through rideshare alone. Slated for launch in the fourth quarter of 2019, this partnership will deliver new product offerings across multiple forms of healthcare transportation, reducing patient no-shows and optimizing care coordination for both new and existing clients. 


About Hitch Health 

Hitch Health addresses the simple but critical act of getting people to their healthcare appointments. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company is focused on creating and delivering health solutions that remove barriers for all patients – regardless of economic or social circumstances. 

Hitch Health is the only non-emergency medical transportation company with a proprietary technology that securely connects with healthcare providers’ electronic appointment records to uniquely identify and proactively reach out to patients who may benefit from convenient, reliable transportation to and from a clinic, hospital or doctor’s office. 

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About Roundtrip 

Roundtrip is the leading digital transportation marketplace for better health outcomes. We provide a simple, comprehensive patient ride ordering software that makes available a community of ride providers who complete the transport. The company is leading the industry in reducing patient no-shows through improved ride management.

Roundtrip is built for healthcare professionals — care coordinators, social workers, nurses, and other transport requestors —and offers easy-to-use online and mobile platforms that connect patients with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Roundtrip is a comprehensive solution which supports all levels of transport: medical cars, wheelchair vans, stretcher vehicles, ALS/BLS, all payors, and all trips delivered when and where they are needed.

Roundtrip is doing more than expanding access to care; we are changing how people manage their health in their everyday lives. As we address social determinants of health and aging in place, Roundtrip is driven to deliver engaged and empowered transportation experiences for our riders.

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