Roundtrip Launches Replicable EMR Integration for Transportation, Implements with Contra Costa Health Services

Roundtrip Team

Our software platform, improving outcomes for healthcare-seeking riders, will award healthcare providers ride-connected data, insights about the patient journey

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Roundtrip, the leaders in driving better health outcomes through its digital transportation marketplace, has built a replicable electronic medical record (EMR) integration platform for healthcare providers. Roundtrip’s complete platform integration creates a data-sharing repository for healthcare providers and its area transportation options, including Lyft, wheelchair, stretcher, and insurance-paid rides, to better understand how patients access care.

“The modern currency in healthcare is data, and major healthcare organizations understand they need to marry populations, individualized healthcare needs, and social determinants of health to fix the 1-in-5 U.S. healthcare appointments missed or delayed largely because of ride barriers,” said Roundtrip CEO Mark Switaj. “It’s exciting that Roundtrip has developed another first — a standard, replicable EMR integration for transportation – as a competitive edge for us as a company, and that we launched it with a major healthcare provider and a leading EMR. We’ll leverage this strategic product enhancement to work with the industry’s top health networks.”

Health systems use EMRs as the primary source for storing and managing all medical information for patients. For ride ordering and associated information, medical professionals have mostly relied on disconnected, manual entry to track how populations arrive at their facilities. Now, data points such as top utilizers, ride benefit management, the ride provider and service level, and most importantly real-time communication among all parties are seamlessly navigated by Roundtrip’s coordination platform. With this information available to health systems and health plans, providers and administrators can take proper steps to improve the patient experience and streamline patients’ compliance with healthcare visits.

“We see this alignment as stage-setting for which many others will follow. As we keep the most vulnerable members of our community active, we see rides as an easy way to remove a barrier and empower individuals to get to vital social and health resources that otherwise were out of reach” shares Matt White, Business Intelligence Manager at Contra Costa County.  
 Epic Systems, one of the industry’s most influential EMRs, is a trusted partner for many of the country’s leading healthcare facilities. Along with Cerner, the two vendors are responsible for 51.5% of the acute care hospital market (KLAS Report 2018).

“Enabling better access to healthcare through improved transportation is something we care deeply about at Lyft. Roundtrip’s seamless integration with Epic will allow us to further extend our impact and ultimately improve health by removing a key barrier to care. ” shares Megan Callahan, VP Healthcare at Lyft.

About Roundtrip

Roundtrip is the leading digital transportation marketplace for better health outcomes. Roundtrip provides a simple, comprehensive patient ride ordering software that makes available a community of ride providers who complete the transport. The company is leading in reducing patient no-shows – 5x better than benchmarks — through improved ride management.

Roundtrip is built for healthcare professionals — care coordinators, social workers, nurses and other transport requestors —and offers easy-to-use online and mobile platforms that connect patients, care managers, and loved ones with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) options. Roundtrip is a comprehensive solution which supports all levels of transport: Lyft, medical cars, wheelchair vans, stretcher vehicles, ALS/BLS/SCT, all payors, and all trips delivered when and where they are needed.

Roundtrip is doing more than expanding access to care; we are changing how people manage their health in their everyday lives. As we address social determinants of health and aging in place, Roundtrip is driven to deliver engaged and empowered transportation experiences for all riders and those involved.  

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