You Have Options: Get Ride Notifications This Way, Instead

Susanna Arntz
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At Roundtrip, communication is a priority. To ensure patients are able to get to their appointments, we know that it is vital that both care coordinators and patients are fully informed of transportation details. One-way Roundtrip keeps everyone in the loop is through text messages. However, we serve many patients that are unable to read or receive text messages.  As a result, these individuals were unable to receive RoundTrip’s ride status and notifications through text messages.

That’s why we created Patient Preferences for Ride Notifications to be sent via text message or automated voice call.

With this new feature, care coordinators can select how a patient would like to receive updates on the status of their rides: through texting or voice call. If they select voice call, the patient will receive an automated message from Roundtrip, informing them about the type of vehicle they can expect as well as when it will arrive.

Patients will receive automated phone calls relaying all of the same messages that Roundtrip text notifications display. This includes:

  • Message informing the patient of his/her ride 24 hours before the scheduled trip.
  • Message informing the patient when the vehicle is dispatched, what type of vehicle they should expect, and information about the driver such as his or her name and phone number.
  • Message informing the patient that his/her ride has arrived.
  • Message following up with the patient to make sure their ride was completed successfully.

Patient Preferences for Ride Notifications will benefit both care coordinators and patients in the following ways:

  • All individuals can be notified about their ride on their mobile phone or landline.
  • The blind and visually impaired will receive their ride notifications in a format that is easy and accessible.
  • We can minimize costs for patients worried about cell phone data usage associated with text messaging.

We are excited to share this new feature for ride notifications with everyone who uses Roundtrip. As always, we welcome feedback on your experience with us.