Why There Are No ‘Roundtrip Drivers’

Ankit Mathur
Driving car with both hands on the steering wheel

One of the questions Roundtrip routinely receives is, “how can I become a Roundtrip driver?” And the answer is that Roundtrip doesn’t hire drivers. We believe that credentialed, experienced healthcare transportation companies transport patients.

Roundtrip adds efficiencies to the network and increases transparency and accountability but does not eliminate the need for medical transportation providers, who employ the drivers. Patients may require a level of care that only someone with the necessary medical and background training can provide.

Because Roundtrip contracts exclusively with experienced medical transportation companies to provide medical transportation services, healthcare facilities can book trips for patients with any medical need. This includes wheelchair- and bed-confined patients, but it also means patients who may feel physically unwell after a session of dialysis or chemotherapy can receive the level of care they need during transit.

When we use the phrase ‘credentialed,’ we mean that these providers are already doing business with healthcare facilities and have undergone rigorous background checks and training requirements. Some common standard requirements for transportation providers and their drivers include:

  • First Aid Training
  • Valid licensing and certifications with the state
  • Up to date vehicle safety checks and maintenance
  • Comprehensive insurance for the company, all vehicles, and drivers
  • Criminal history background checks
  • Law enforcement fingerprinting checks
  • Driving history check
  • Driver training including cultural and disability sensitivity training
  • Passenger assistance techniques training
  • Medical device operation training where necessary
  • More extensive medical training where appropriate
  • Quality control processes
  • Procedures for investigating and addressing complaints

Medical transportation providers are experts at moving patients safely, and Roundtrip believes that patient safety and trip quality are of the utmost importance. These providers are a vital part of healthcare transportation.