New Rideshare Notifications Keep Passengers and Staff in the Loop

Roundtrip Team
notification image

Roundtrip’s mission is to improve health outcomes by providing the best possible rides for patients through the simplest coordination imaginable. Simplest coordination includes strengthening our communication and notifications so both passengers and staff feel connected and in-the-know throughout the ride.

We understand that passengers do not always have a cell phone available, so it’s important to provide options for ride notifications. Our users need the ability to input a staff’s number to receive notifications in the case that the passenger cannot receive communications about the ride.

Staff can now receive notifications, in addition to the passenger, when the rideshare is dispatched and has arrived.

Another scenario that requires strong communication is a pick-up ride after an appointment. It is hard to know the exact time a rideshare is needed for pick-up rides, so it is important that Roundtrip enables a flexible option. One option is to allow passengers to directly text Roundtrip to request the ride when they are ready. This expedites a more efficient process and helps mitigate interrupting the staff from their other responsibilities every time a patient’s appointment ends and a ride is needed.

To ensure passengers feel confident when they directly request a pick-up ride, Roundtrip will confirm the request and continue to send them communications about the ride.

Rideshare passengers will now be notified right away that Roundtrip has received their pick-up request and they can expect an update from us.

We are excited to launch these new features, and we believe these enhancements help both passengers and staff have a seamless ride booking experience when they use Roundtrip.

Here at Roundtrip, we are always receptive to our customers’ feedback and use that information to continuously improve our product. We welcome your feedback, and you can provide us your thoughts in this feedback survey anytime.