Get to Know Our Leadership – Chrisna Govin

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We are proud to profile a number of our team members spearheading growth and innovation at Roundtrip. Check out the rest of the series where we will be posting monthly.

Meet Chrisna Govin, Roundtrip’s VP of Product

Chrisna Govin is the Vice President of Product at Roundtrip. She leads the Product Design, Product Management and Product Marketing functions, with responsibility over Roundtrip’s product vision, strategy, and roadmap. Prior to Roundtrip, Chrisna spent 15 years in strategy and management consulting across the healthcare industry. Her experiences range from strategy and go-to-market design of products to strategic planning, partnerships, organization transformation and acquisition-integration leadership of corporations. Chrisna has a JD/MBA from Indiana University and received her BS in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rochester.

Chrisna, what project at Roundtrip have you worked on that you are most proud of? 

I’m an incredibly purpose-driven human who makes career decisions based on how much impact I can drive at an organization. Roundtrip has given me the gift of seeing this impact with every product decision we, as a company, make. In the year I’ve been with Roundtrip, I’m proud to have worked both collaboratively and cross-functionally to align us to a vision and strategy that focuses on our tactical roadmap in the short-term, yet still moves us purposefully toward our greater mission to remove barriers to health and wellbeing.

In the spirit of that vision, my favorite project has been working with our organization to build a new mobile application that empowers patients to self-book and manage their own non-emergency medical transportation. We are also actively working on a Spanish language translation of this app, which is a first for the team. We truly strive to remove all friction in transportation access for the patients we serve!

What mentor or prominent figure has influenced you in your career and why? You can share more than one. 
It’s the villages and communities I involve myself with in concert that inspire me and influence my career. I have an incredible network of female friends and leaders I tap into when I need a boost of fresh thinking and confidence, or if I need help getting unblocked and onto the next right move. I have an emergency text list I run down when I am struggling with the balancing act of work and life. I go to my family when I have had a tough day and need a reminder on what matters most both on and off the professional court.

Can you share some of your favorite books? 
I love books that make you think about a topic beyond the surface or completely turn thinking on its head. Some books that do this: All of Malcolm Gladwell’s books (read Talking to Strangers most recently), Think Like a Rocket Scientist, and Drop the Ball.

What future do you envision for your team at Roundtrip in the next two years? 
The next couple of years is all about shifting to a product-led culture and using that shift to build the most seamless product experiences possible for as many care coordinators, transportation partners and riders as we can. We have an incredible tech team, including thoughtful product team members and exceptional engineers who all come to work each day to make a difference. Together, we’ll be working with the rest of the Roundtrip team to find the friction in every corner of our product and root it out, automate or eliminate manual tasks that don’t serve us anymore as we’ve grown and matured as a company, and put self-service experiences into the hands of our users wherever possible.

Tell me about your hobbies and things you enjoy doing in your free time.
I’m a proud mother of 3 active kids and am learning how to be a soccer and dog mom! I do my best thinking when running and am often seen relaxing or cooking with a glass of wine in hand. None of what’s written here is possible without my husband and partner in crime.

If you could donate $1million to any organization, what organization would it be?
I am a board member of Girls Inc of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. When not empowering all girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold, I’d invest in driving more funds to women’s health research. There’s so much still to learn about health as it evolves over various stages of life and different ethnicities. I am excited about startups and non-profit organizations investing resources into this space.