Ensuring Reliable Transportation Services in over 43 States

Zack Worsham
State by State Growth

Health systems, hospitals, and health plans all have a similar problem when it comes to NEMT within their organization: “how do I ensure our transportation network consistently shows up on time and offers a high-quality patient or member experience?”

Whether it’s curb-to-curb, door-to-door, or door-through-door, Roundtrip’s platform presents you with reliable access to the full spectrum of NEMT all in one place, helping you meet the unique needs of each patient or member and providing access to care through the most appropriate means of transportation. 

As a marketplace aggregator, Roundtrip connects hospitals, health systems, health plans, and their members to a network of quality-certified transportation providers in your area, allowing us to facilitate the ordering and scheduling of rides while ensuring quality through our digital platform. The benefit of Roundtrip is that we can provide high-quality, timely, and reliable transportation to the betterment of health wherever you are. Beyond that, Roundtrip can improve health outcomes in ways like patient flow optimization and reducing no-shows.

Our marketplace model has integration capabilities that simplify the workflow for ride requestors such as care coordinators, nurse navigators, patient services teams and ride providers like transportation companies and internal fleets within hospitals and health systems. Ensuring reliable transportation services in over 43 states

If you’ve been tasked with incorporating a reliable transportation network for your patients or members, here is what that means for you:

1. For hospitals and health systems, Roundtrip improves patient flow by combining the resources of your current transportation providers with the other providers in your area.

Roundtrip Community is the first online marketplace where credentialed, and quality-rated NEMT providers can view and claim ride requests for health systems and their patients. Through Roundtrip Community, different transportation companies bid on ride requests based on their ETA, rewarding the vehicle that can arrive soonest. Having more transportation providers in your arsenal means it’s easier to provide a ride, maximizing efficiency. This connection provides visibility into the existing resources that are already available in your area and centralizes those companies into one streamlined marketplace meaning more providers to increase patient flow and throughput. One featured client who uses Roundtrip Community to optimize bed flow with real-time transportation data is Geisinger


2. Quickly scale regional transportation networks to meet your needs and improve health outcomes.

We now have transportation providers trained on our platform in 43 states, and through our national rideshare partnership, we can coordinate healthcare rideshare for patients or members in all 50 states nationwide. For clients like Baptist Memorial, Geisinger, and GRTC, we maximized the reach of their network by connecting transportation companies that were already in their locale. 

On average, we can build a transportation network that supports multiple transport needs in as little as two weeks spanning up to 45 days. Our customers have come to us with various pre-existing transportation network challenges, e.g., rural service areas and low transportation provider availability. With Roundtrip Community, we have been able to aggregate all possible providers for any given trip into one place where ride requests can be seen, claimed, and completed. For Geisinger in particular, Roundtrip scaled their transportation network, and within 60 days of launching we onboarded and trained 28 transportation companies with our system to handle over a thousand rides a month.


3. Your transportation network builds efficiency to ensure on-time, high-quality rides.

Previously, transportation companies would move a patient from point A and drop off in point B and then head home, taking on deadhead miles. With Roundtrip, transportation companies can now see rides pending in point B (which is often either the rural market or not their regular service area). Now they can claim trips in these areas at point B, helping to fill time voids or make use of having already paid out the day’s expense. This capability means that Roundtrip can positively impact the availability and reliability concerns held by rural clients.

Using Roundtrip also means that you can continuously grow your network’s capabilities. In other words, go-live doesn’t mean you have to finish building your network; we can continue to build the transport community after go-live giving you greater coverage with higher flexibility transporting patients and members.


4. Roundtrip improves the reliability of the rides you provide for patients and members. 

Our health plan and health system clients partner with us because reliability is crucial to the success of their transportation program. Frequently, their previous Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs have suffered from lack of reliability due to poor relationships with their transportation network as well as integrated tech workflow deficiencies resulting in high rates of canceled and delayed rides. Roundtrip’s technology was designed to solve this problem, catering to both transport providers, accomplishing faster ride assignments, and avoiding any delays or cancellations to ensure reliability with our industry-leading <4% no-show rate.

When it comes to NEMT, quality and reliability should always be your top concern. For Johns Hopkins, we were able to create a model that expanded access to care resulting in a 4x improvement in satisfaction for patients, members, and employees alike. For Aurora Behavioral Health System, we were able to provide a scalable way to expand access for those undergoing treatment through a cost-effective and easy-to-use transportation solution that has maximized the use of hundreds of hours of staff time.

Roundtrip is the bridge that connects healthcare providers and transportation companies. Our marketplace model eliminates workflow deficiencies, so more rides are picked up by more providers, meaning that fewer trips are delayed or canceled. Ultimately, Roundtrip provides a more reliable way for ride requesters and providers to improve the overall patient experience with transportation.