Brendan McNiff appointed to the Tech Advisory Board of NEMTAC

Susanna Arntz

Roundtrip is excited to share the announcement that Brendan McNiff, Director or Transportation, has been appointed to the Technology Advisory Board of the Non Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission (NEMTAC). Roundtrip is also a Founding Sponsor with NEMTAC, a non-profit healthcare organization designed to enhance and promote the quality of care in America’s medical transportation system.

NEMTAC is dedicated to ensuring safe medical transportation through the establishment of American National Standards that enhance the delivery of care. NEMTAC also offers programs that improve customer service, certifies NEMT professionals and promotes operational best practices.

Brendan McNiff, Director of Transportation at RoundTrip

NEMTAC Executive Director, Melissa Jankowski says, “We’re thrilled to have Brendan join our Technology Advisory Board, where he will bring over 30 years’ experience in managing patient logistics and large communications centers, previously as the COO for the world’s largest Ambulance Provider.  We are also delighted to have Roundtrip as one of our Founding Corporate Technology Sponsors. There’s an incredibly strong alignment between our two organizations’ commitments to promoting innovative technology for the NEMT industry and the betterment of patient health outcomes.

Roundtrip is a HIPAA compliant open environment for medical transportation companies to view and claim pending ride requests. With RoundTrip, medical transportation providers can join a credentialed network of providers and receive quality ratings for their service. In Roundtrip, medical transportation providers can list all services available, receive ride requests digitally and offer ETAs for ride requests. In addition, medical transportation providers can retain their preferred provider relationship with their clients, while reducing operational overhead related to managing ride requests. Roundtrip integrates with existing CAD software. A key overall benefit of Roundtrip is increased transparency across the transportation sequence for both the patient & healthcare organization. Simply put, Roundtrip makes it easy to get a ride and monitor patient transports through one simple process. From the patient’s perspective, patients can stay informed about their rides through text notifications.

“As the fastest growing digital transportation marketplace, Roundtrip is excited to become a founding supporter of NEMTAC and their critical mission to enhance the delivery of care to the medical transportation industry” says Mark Switaj. “We are hearing from communities more and more that it’s not a lack of health care providers but a lack of accessibility to that care. That’s the problem we are obsessed with solving alongside NEMTAC and beyond.”


NEMTAC offers the only national accreditation program that represents non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) companies, agencies, groups and individuals (non-ambulance). NEMTAC standards represent industry best practices to ensure consistently high-quality customer care, safe vehicle operations and ethical business practices. In addition to accreditation, NEMTAC offers basic and advanced education and training certificate programs to individuals working in and seeking a career in the NEMT industry.

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Roundtrip has become a leader in non emergency medical transportation (NEMT) innovation by creating the first digital medical transportation marketplace: Roundtrip Community. Roundtrip’s goal is to eliminate transportation as a barrier to care and relieve healthcare organizations from the burden of coordinating those rides. We simplify transportation by allowing someone to order the full-spectrum of non-emergency medical transportation (Lyft, medical sedan, wheelchair van, non-emergency ambulance) from a single platform. We work with a credentialed network of transportation providers to make sure all patients get from point A to point B on-time with credentialed drivers.

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