Roundtrip Attends the 2023 ZOLL Summit

Matt Koslosky
Image sourced from ZOLL Medical Corporation LinkedIn

Image sourced from ZOLL Medical Corporation LinkedIn

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the ZOLL Summit, an annual conference hosted by ZOLL Data Systems in Denver, Colorado. The conference brought together hundreds of emergency medical service (EMS) providers, fire services, and healthcare professionals for product training and solutioning sessions. 

Prior to the conference, we conducted a survey among our network of transportation providers to determine which computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system each organization uses. The chart below illustrates the responses, showing that a significant portion of our transportation network utilizes ZOLL RescueNet. Roundtrip has integrations with various CAD software platforms, including ZOLL RescueNet. The integrations facilitate a continuous exchange of data and information between those responsible for booking patient’s rides, and the responding transportation providers. As a software company that integrates with ZOLL, it is crucial for us to stay up to date on ZOLL updates and industry trends that may affect both our product and our customers’ experience. 

Conference Takeaways: 


Data Collection is a Foundational Need 

The EMS and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industries are at a crossroads with ride volume rising and costs at an all-time high. Low staffing continues to be a major problem, driving operational inefficiencies with long hours, little rest, and added stress to the worn-out workforce. Many transportation companies are actively seeking solutions to improve response times, optimize crews and scheduling, enhance employee retention through data-driven approaches, and leverage electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) data for effective billing, among other areas. Data analysis and utilization are set to play a pivotal role in enhancing both clinical and operational performance. 

Thoughtful Integration of Technology & Workflows Provides Impressive ROI 

Each year, ZOLL recognizes providers in EMS, Fire, and Healthcare for their outstanding improvements in clinical, operational, and financial performance. This year, our mutual client St. Luke’s University Health Network won! Despite challenges such as staffing shortages and high turnover rates during a period of rapid growth, St. Luke’s successfully implemented technology-driven solutions to enhance its workflows. By leveraging various tools within the ZOLL suite, including RescueNet Dispatch, ZOLL Dispatch, ZOLL Respond, ZOLL EMS Charts, and ZOLL Billing, St. Luke’s Emergency Transport Services achieved impressive outcomes. These include a 15% increase in employee engagement, a 5% decrease in vacancy rates, and a significant 24% reduction in turnover. In fact, its turnover rate dropped as low as 2% in November 2022. St. Luke’s dedication to utilizing technology to overcome challenges and improve performance has earned them the well-deserved ZOLL Pulse Award.  

Optimizing Reimbursement is Top of Mind 

Leaders in Revenue Cycle Management are grappling with the task of optimizing revenue in an era of declining insurance reimbursement. Therefore, it is critical to implement processes, ideally automated ones, that minimize the loss of revenue from insurance plans and patients. Implementing changes such as utilizing a clearinghouse to track unique insurance carrier filings can help reduce costs and increase revenue. 

As transportation agencies navigate a difficult industry landscape, it is no question that the tireless pursuit of technology driven solutions, collection of data, and process automation is the path forward.  Thanks to ZOLL for hosting another great summit. We can’t wait to see everyone again in 2024!  

Disclosure – ZOLL® Medical Corporation is a strategic investor in Roundtrip.