The 2022 State of Healthcare Transportation

Healthcare transportation is a narrow part of the overall healthcare landscape, but it has an outsize impact on access, operations, and outcomes. In November of 2021, we surveyed 51 healthcare organizations about their knowledge of and experience with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). We got a cross-section of respondents and summarized a view into patient transportation. Our goal is to help inform your strategy for the next five years.

Questions answered by 51 healthcare organizations:

  • How frequently is patient transportation part of your role?

  • Where are patients with transportation challenges typically located?

  • For the patients you work with, what insurance do they primarily have?

  • What are the most important goals for your organization?

  • What is your primary means of ordering a ride for a patient?

  • What would make patient transportation easier for you?

Download The 2022 State of Healthcare Transportation Survey Results!

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The Roundtrip Impact


With Roundtrip, case managers at CCHS can operate at the top of their licenses, focusing on what matters most. CCHS has over 2,000 rides per month reliably executed with utilization rapidly growing across the health plan and inpatient setting. Direct costs have reduced 42%, exceeding partnership goal by 30%. Roundtrip has also reduced the number of calls by 40% for care coordinators and call center agents.