Road to Recovery

The American Cancer Society's Road To Recovery program, powered by Roundtrip, connects you to trained volunteer drivers who may be able to assist with free rides to cancer-related medical appointments.

Get Started

You can sign up and book rides via the mobile app on your smartphone or the Roundtrip online portal on your computer, laptop, or tablet.

Member ID

1. Download the app on your smartphone or go to the Roundtrip online portal.


2. Register with your first name, last name, and ID number provided to you by ACS.


3. Book your first trip! You can book trips using the mobile app or online portal.

Download the Mobile App

A Partnership Built with You in Mind:

  • Direct access to request your own rides to cancer-related medical appointments
  • Ability to change or cancel your ride requests
  • Ability to see the status of all your ride requests
  • Automatic notifications when a trained ACS volunteer accepts your ride
  • Curb-to-curb service