Inpatient & Outpatient Transportation Costs

In order to reduce no-shows and improve patient flow at your organization, providers must go beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics. We’ve built a comprehensive transportation solution so you focus on the patient, their treatment and therapies -- rather than spending valuable time following up with multiple transportation companies and working on trip authorizations. With Roundtrip, you’ll have the healthcare transportation support you need, including a 24/7 Navigation Center and real-time ride notifications sent to the patient and the trip requester. Through our solution, you’ll ultimately find operational resources optimized as patient transportation bottlenecks are minimized.
Download our ROI calculator to discover how much your organization can save based on a variety of factors, including:
  • Current no-show rate

  • Number of annual outpatient and inpatient visits per year

  • Number of taxi, ambulance, non-ambulance rides per year

  • Average time-on-task for staff booking trips

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“This service has significantly improved our patients’ ability to access timely and consistent wound care services in our centers in New Brunswick and Monroe. Our partnership with Roundtrip for on-demand and pre-scheduled rides has allowed those patients already enrolled in our services who are struggling with transportation challenges to faithfully engage in their prescribed weekly wound care visits. This has been such an added value for our patients, families and community referring providers.”

-Wendy Calvin, Director, Saint Peter’s University Hospital’s Wound Care Center® and Hyperbaric Services.